1.     President of company is an experienced (and still current) case manager with over 30 years of experience.

2.     Every bill and every report is personally reviewed by our President/CEO.   She reviews every bill/report from the perspective of not only a case manager, but also as an employer, adjuster and attorney.   Emphasis is on case movement and cost containment for billing/appropriate billing and documentation to support billing.

3.     Large case management companies incentivize their case managers to bill/write extraneous letters, etc.   Having personally experienced this, MKCM watches for this and does not allow this type of billing from our case managers.

4.     We use ONLY veteran case managers with a minimum of 7-10 years of workers’ compensation FIELD experience.  We carefully vet all of our case managers (background checks, interviews, specific references) and we maintain all credentials/liability insurances ourselves.

5.     We require a higher level of credentials from our case managers than most states require.

6.     We provide REAL TIME updates directly from the appointments.  Not just verbal updates, but immediately after the IW leaves the appointment, we are scanning all appropriate documents along with narrative reports outlining objective and subjective findings, timeline to RTW/Full Duty and MMI.

7.     We are accessible 24/7, 365 days per year.  You will never get an automated response when you call MKCM.   Day or night there will be a live person that will answer the call.

8.     We are the ONLY case management company that documents each and every appointment for every patient on a company calendar so that we know when to expect updates and documentation from our case managers.

9.     We are the ONLY case management company that gets copied on every email on every case AND reviews them constantly to ensure that all documentation is attached, emails are going to the correct parties, and there is appropriate case movement and direction to ensure that our case managers are providing the highest quality of service to our customers.

10.   We do not incentivize our case managers to bill..to the contrary, we closely monitor all billing.

11.   Minimal overhead expenses – we are not a flashy company – we just believe in getting the job done.

12.   We are national, but with a small company feel.  We tailor programs for our individual customer's needs.

Mission Statement

MKCM will distinguish itself as a national leader in redefining case management and will be recognized for the passion and commitment to our employees, clients and partners in providing quality, innovative and personalized case management services. The concept of individualized quality case management services will not be compromised by our company growth and we will continue to strive...

Who We Work With

  • Insurance Companies
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Self Insured Companies that manage Automobile, Liability, Malpractice and Workers' Compensation Claims
  • Private individuals needing medical/vocational case management
  • Hospitals, Urgent Medical Care Facilities, Physicians & Attorneys


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