Integrity - consistently demonstrated through honest and ethical approaches to all of our clients and injured workers

Discipline - utilizing consistent and effective processes that ensure repeatable, positive results

Vision - constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance our value to our clients and injured workers

Excellence - hiring only the most experienced and highly skilled case managers (minimum 7-10 years of experience in Workers' Compensation) and providing strong supervision and communication with all stakeholders

Financial Responsibility - vigilantly look for ways to help clients reduce costs by not keeping cases open without strong criteria to document viability

Respect - demonstrated by dealing with all involved parties with a respectful manner, allowing for empowerment and team building to facilitate a more positive outcome for all parties

Technology - providing real time updates to all parties by using HIPAA compliant and innovative technology to update all parties immediately after the injured worker is seen by provider.

Mission Statement

MKCM will distinguish itself as a national leader in redefining case management and will be recognized for the passion and commitment to our employees, clients and partners in providing quality, innovative and personalized case management services. The concept of individualized quality case management services will not be compromised by our company growth and we will continue to strive...

Who We Work With

  • Insurance Companies
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Self Insured Companies that manage Automobile, Liability, Malpractice and Workers' Compensation Claims
  • Private individuals needing medical/vocational case management
  • Hospitals, Urgent Medical Care Facilities, Physicians & Attorneys


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