COMMUNICATION – At Mollie Kallen Case Management, we provide individualized and tailored services to our clients by providing REAL TIME updates directly to the carrier and employer from all appointments. All related parties are updated continuously on case status. We are ALWAYS accessible as we operate on a 24/7, 365 days per year business model with constant accessibility for our clients, employers and injured workers.

ACTION – Aggressive case management gets results. What is unique about our company is that our President, Mollie Kallen, MS, CRC, CCM, is an actively working field case manager, which allows her to keep a finger on the pulse of all business operations, thus ensuring compliance with all treatments with onsite visits to all physician appointments, therapy, diagnostics, etc. as needed.

DOCUMENTATION – In a continued and innovative effort to reduce costs, we have developed a case progress note that documents all case activity for a reporting period. This reduces the length of time for composing formal reports which also assists us in the reduction of billing. Our President personally reviews each report and bill before submitting them to the carrier and employer. We also utilize a HIPPA compliant and secure national server to hold all medical and vocational case documentation. We continue to grow technologically, with a future goal to allow carriers direct access to these case documents.
RELIABILITY – Mollie Kallen’s over 30 years of experience in case management assures you of consistent, professional and reliable case management. We pride ourselves on providing superior case management services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. All of our case managers are aware that they may be called on a moment's notice to facilitate care, attend hospital visits, work catastrophic cases and communicate with all parties whether on a weekend, holiday or evening.

COST CONTAINMENT/COST PROJECTION – We are always defining case goals with all related parties and immediately establishing and reviewing case cost projections. When you refer a case to Mollie Kallen Case Management Inc., you will KNOW the case will be worked immediately and worked aggressively. Each case is crucial and NO CASE will be forgotten, as sometimes happens with larger case management companies. Mollie Kallen is always accessible to adjusters, clients, employers and medical care providers. Your case will receive personalized, individual attention, whether long term or task assignment.
ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY – Mollie Kallen Case Management, Inc. is committed to sound environmental management with concern for the well being of our common environment. By ensuring that our staff is aware of the environmental impacts of their work activities and by encouraging them through awareness and training to minimize those impacts, we uphold our continued goal to maintain a low environmental footprint in the operations of our business to achieve a balance between environmental goals and economic health.

Mission Statement

MKCM will distinguish itself as a national leader in redefining case management and will be recognized for the passion and commitment to our employees, clients and partners in providing quality, innovative and personalized case management services. The concept of individualized quality case management services will not be compromised by our company growth and we will continue to strive...

Who We Work With

  • Insurance Companies
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Self Insured Companies that manage Automobile, Liability, Malpractice and Workers' Compensation Claims
  • Private individuals needing medical/vocational case management
  • Hospitals, Urgent Medical Care Facilities, Physicians & Attorneys


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